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How would you like to have the name of “YOUR BUSINESS” displayed on the side, front, top or back of the MI RADIO VAN


Advantages Of Advertising

More and more people and companies that advertise their products or services online.


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We are the best radio charlotte and all level online with other guest artists and the best programming in a great music download also find us on Tune In as miradiocharlotte.

We have a team of professionals with dedication and passion to his work, we take the best of music and entertainment and make us remember all those melodies that marked those good moments of our existence.
Technology is an essential tool when searching quality. Since our inception we have worked to keep current and constantly updated. We currently have automation systems, air conditioners own studies for radio programming sources, 24h internet. To get our fidelity digital audio compressors used.
We do live broadcasts from anywhere in the city. We cover some of the most important events that take place throughout the Queen City.
Our website has been established in Charlotte NC to provide transmission service on line from a local radio signal 24 hours a day. It currently has more than 5,000 hits per month on its launch only.

Mi Radio is a different concept, oriented entertainment and enjoy the good times in life.

Why Choose Us

  • My radio has a professional team dedicated to merchandise their business in different media
  • The mobile unit has televisions where the banner of your business is constantly rotating
  • It features an internet radio where you can blow the 30 second commercial
    Several times a day
  • It has a team of people dedicated to publishing your business on social networks.
    It has a team to develop videos of your business.

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