More and more people and companies are advertising their products or services online. One reason is the steady increase in the number of Internet users, while another is the different advantages of advertising on My radio Charlotte.
  • My radio has a professional team dedicated to merchandising their business in different type of media .http: //
  • The mobile unit has televisions where the banner of your business is constantly rotating
  • It features an internet radio where you can blow the 30 second commercial several times a day
  • It has a web page where your business name appears with a link to your own website
  • It has a team of people dedicated to publish your business on social networks.
  • It has a team that develops profesional videos of your business
Internet advertising has a high degree of effectiveness. One reason for its effectiveness is that it can be segmented which allows us to direct it to the desired audience.
Internet advertising allows us to reach a lot of people, but also gives us the option to segment the market, and specify the public to which we want to turn.

But in addition to allowing us to reach millions of potential customers located around the world, our ads are available 24 hours a day, all at a low cost.

Designing an ad for the Internet is much less expensive than other type of media. And so in the case of launching an advertising campaign.

My radio works for you
Besides saving money, internet advertising allows us to save time, and to create and edit an ad for the Internet is a simple task that can take us a few minutes.

Also, our message can reach people immediately. Communicating with our desired audience is as fast as sending a message on the Internet.

My Radio understands your needs, http: // that a business without customers, is not a business and the only way that people know your product services or advertising is in My Radio advertising. It is very economic, and has several packets which may be used.