Live Events

How would you like to have the name of “YOUR BUSINESS” displayed on the side, front, top or back of the MI RADIO VAN for all to see? the MI RADIO VAN is active in the community; displaying ads as it drives around, streaming live commercials and bringing awareness to “YOUR BUSINESS”. Have your Account Executive create a custom van package for you today.

Live mentions on air prios to the scheduled date of the following depending on supply: MI RADIO LOGO T-SHIRTS, your company’s items of choice as giveaways to advertise your business, CD’s (Radio personality’s choice) and/or any other logo items that are in supply.

While the live remote is taking place, your ads will be streaming online as well as on the MI RADIO VAN, live mentions every break of your business location as well as the activities that are going on, the MI RADIO VAN  will be positioned in front of your business to bring traffic to your place of business, the radio personality will be engaging your customers as well as potential customers.

Custom Van Advertising Packages are available…Click Here

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